Weird 'other' stations


I know most of us prepare for the major system stations on the exam, but occasionally an exam centre will throw in an 'other' station.

They're not the most fun in the world.

So far, I've encountered:

  • "examine this child" - 11 year old with Trisomy 21 - oblique palprebral fissures, epicanthic folds, flat nasal bridge, brachycephaly, no other signs of T21(!) with non-tender flesh-coloured nodules on non-swollen PIP joints. To this day, I have no idea what they were;

  • "examine this child" - 7 year old with a generally swollen left hand, normal joints, no swelling elsewhere. Suspect it was a venous or lymphatic obstruction, in retrospect, but was slightly bemused at the time, as was everybody else on that circuit!

What weird and wonderful stations have you come across?

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