Neurology Videos

Learn how to do neurological exams for the MRCPCH Clinical Exam, including upper limb, lower limb and a child with myotonic dystrophy.

Background to Videos

Neurological 1
Lower limb neurological examination including gait of a boy with spastic quadriplegia.

Neurological 2
Neurological examination of a child with myotonic dystrophy.

UL Neuro – Neurological 3
How to do an upper limb neurological examination.

12 comments on “Neurology Videos
  1. SUMAYA says:

    what was the test done for ankle reflex,when the candidate put her hand over the planter surface of the foot n tapped over it ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Sumaya, thanks for your comment. This is just another way of performing an ankle jerk reflex test (vs tapping on the Achilles tendon).

  2. naveed says:

    very good to see this

  3. Fatima says:

    Kindly add more videos of nurological examination e.g spina bifida,muscular dystrophy etc.thanks

  4. loyuenman says:

    would you tell me what is the diagnosis?

  5. hasanul says:

    please give us guide for neurological examination

  6. sabyasachi chowdhury says:

    What would you expect in neurological examination in a child with VACTERL Anomaly.

  7. Demetra says:

    Hello. Can you please tell us what the diagnosis is for video 3?

  8. Amanda Evans says:

    I’m really enjoying these videos! very good way to learn the short case examinations. thank you. Just curious as to the diagnosis of Bella, the neurological examination number 4. She seemed to have some dystonia with low power, tone, and reflexes. Thanks

  9. Urooj says:

    HI team, I m looking for a good video of cranial nerve examination please.

  10. Mora says:

    I think the patient in video 3 is the same in video 6, so it will be mild left hemiplegia.

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