RCPCH Information

We have summarised the information that the Royal College makes available to trainees below. If you find anything that we haven’t included, please do let us know.

Aim of the MRCPCH Clinical Examination

Both these documents give an overview of the exam and the expected standards that you should be reaching

RCPCH Exam Technique Guidance

This one gives you a very good overview of each clinical examination

RCPCH Candidate Guidenotes

This gives you the guidance on how to take the exam

MRCPCH Circuit Diagram

The circuit that is used in every exam

Circuit Diagram

MRCPCH Communication Station Scenarios

These all include the three sheets relevant to each communication station; the examiners guidance, the actors guidance, and the sheet you will receive while outside the exam station

Procedure Explanation Scenario

Medication Error Scenario

Down Syndrome Scenario

MRCPCH Clinical Video Scenarios

There is unfortunately very limited information on the video station but this explains how the station works – for sample videos please see our links page

Videos – How to guide

MRCPCH Clinical Anchor statements

These provide the best information regarding how to pass the exam. They outline what qualities you need to achieve in order to get each mark within the examination. They are reassuring that the exam is there to check you are competent and not that you know the minute details of each condition.

Development Station

Communication Station

History Station

Clinical Examination

MRCPCH Clinical Marksheets

These are the actual marksheets used in the exam and are useful for you to know what they look like and how your examination skills will be recorded


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