Abdominal Videos

Demonstrations of abdominal exams under MRCPCH exam conditions, including liver transplant, incisional hernia, and splenomegaly.

Background to Videos

Abdominal 1
Demonstration of an abdominal examination in a 16 year old with a liver transplant and incisional hernia.

Abdominal 2
7 year old with splenomegaly secondary to sickle cell disease. Discussion around differential of splenomegaly and sickle cell disease after the examination

13 comments on “Abdominal Videos
  1. khalid rahama says:

    thank you for good educational materials
    pls can you make it like real exam with examiner and discussion
    and pls could we supply us with communication scenarios that come in UK center
    thank you

  2. Waseempatel says:

    Kindly keep me updating

  3. Natalie Thompson says:

    Hello I am sitting exam this October- your website is brilliant.
    what is the condition of the child in abdominal 3?
    many thanks

  4. M.H says:

    Thank you! But… Persistence is what makes success. This is an excellent site, but it is still as it is since it was created.
    I would be more than happy to help.

  5. S Byrne says:

    What is the diagnosis in the third video? Thank you!

  6. yasser says:

    First of all, Thanks so much
    The third, forth and 5th videos no summary or interpretation, why

  7. Acon says:

    What is the tube in abdominal 3? Are gastrostomy tubes that long?

  8. lisa says:

    what was the tube on the abdominal 3 video? feeding jejunostomy/peritoneal dialysis catheter?

  9. Francesca Galea says:

    I think it’s a peritoneal dialysis catheter. The tubing looks too thin to be a feeding tube and also I think that a feeding gastrostomy/jejunostomy would not be that long.

  10. Dr kedarnath says:

    In the video on sickle cell anemia, while palpating abdomen the legs should be flexed…..isn’t it? Correct me if i am wrong..

  11. LGR says:

    What has happened to my filming that was done? It’s not posted yet. PLMK

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