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There are lots of good MRCPCH courses around the country, covering all aspects of the exam. Below you will find a selection of courses in London to help arrange the best preparation for your exam.

RCPCH MRCPCH Clinical Exam Preparation Course

The RCPCH runs an in-house Exam Skills Preparation Course for the MRCPCH clinical exam. The course will allow you to become more familiar with the MRCPCH clinical exam assessment criteria. Led by highly experienced senior MRCPCH Clinical examiners, this two day course will be interactive, with workshops, small group work, discussions and role play, enabling candidates to articulate the skills needed to succeed at each station.

Cost: £500.
Date: Regular dates – check website for more details

London School of Paediatrics Generic Skills Course

Evening run by the London paediatrics trainees committee and London Deanery. Selection of lectures and small workshops to help prepare candidates for the Clinical Exam, and very well received by the trainees that have attended.

Cost: free
Date: one evening before each clinical exam. Notifications are sent out by the Deanery by email.

Guys and St Thomas’

One week course, covering all aspects of the Clinical Exam. Format of short lectures followed by small group teaching around cases brought in for the course. The course offers great experience to experience a wide range of common conditions, and teaches the best style of presenting for the examination. Consultants teaching are mostly specialists at the Evelina Children’s Hospital. The course finishes with a full mock exam, which is a fantastic preparation experience for the real exam.

Cost: £1400 (priority given to internal candidates – apply 8 weeks before course dates)
Date:For further info email

Whittington Communication Course

This is a one day course, covering the Communication Stations and the History & Management Station. The day includes short, formal taught sessions around giving candidates the necessary knowledge, and practical tips to approach this station. However the majority of the day is spent in small groups (of no more than 3), doing these stations under real exam conditions.  At the end of each station, time is set aside for feedback and group learning.  The course is facilitated by a mixture of registrars who are ideally placed to pass on the skills and tips to pass the exam having just done the exam, as well as consultants who have experience in having run MRCPCH exams. Food, drinks and snacks are all included.

Venue: Whittington Hospital, London
Date: Regularly during the year
Cost: £150

Newham MRCPCH Course

One day course, taught in the format of the exam with several stations (each with a real case) operating in parallel. Small groups rotate around the stations, with one member of the group examining the child, while the rest observe and learn. Each station concludes with a discussion with the examiner. There are 4 separate clinical circuits during the day, offering the opportunity to get very good experience to a wide range of conditions in a condensed period of time. Very good feedback from trainees who have attended.


Royal London MRCPCH Clinicals Course

Two day course covering all aspects of the MRCPCH exam. This course will be held three times a year 3-6 weeks before the MRCPCH Clinical exam. First day features 8 sessions of small group teaching and presentation (3 candidates to 1 examiner) covering all key topics in the exam. Second day features two full mock circuits under exam conditions, along with video station practice. The course is unique in assigning a named mentor for every candidate, with detailed feedback throughout the course. The teaching faculty all have extensive MRCPCH teaching and examiner experience.
Cost: £750 for 2 day course

Tunbridge Wells MRCPCH Clinical Course

Two full days of clinical cases, communication stations, history taking and video stations. 3 times per year.
Cost: £645 (early bird discount £595.00) for 2 day course.

Chelsea and Westminster

1 day course – 2 full mock exam circuits.

Cost: £375 (£350 for early registration)

Perfecting Presentation Skills

Course designed to help candidates improve their clinical presentation skills, based upon the format of the MRCPCH Clinical Exam. Consists of focused lectures, participation in small group workshops, and three way feedback. Hosted at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital.

Dates: check website for next course

Ealing Hospital NHS Trust

Cost: 2 day course £750 – all stations. 1 day course £375 – neurology and development only


Cost: 2 day course £849 (two venues Hillingdon and Kingston)


Cost: 2 days £700

Eastern MRCPCH Clinical Course (Broomfield Hospital)

Cost: 1 day £550

Imperial Course

The Imperial College MRCPCH Part 2 Clinical Course is held three times per year, 4-6 weeks prior to the exam dates. The course consists of three days of intensive small-group clinical teaching, held over two consecutive weekends. Day 1 focuses on cardiology and communication skills, and is held at Crawley hospital. Days 2 and 3 are held at St Mary’s campus, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, London. The majority of the teaching is done in groups of just four candidates, each facilitated by an experienced tutor, with a maximum of 32 candidates per course.


Communication Course (Watford)

Cost: 1 day £200

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