Why isn't anyone posting questions?


It is indeed surprising that even though the Pediatric Team of this site has put up so many excellent videos, no one seems to be wanting to register and post in the forum. I seem to be the first one.

Let me thank each and every one of you from patients, to role-players to doctors and the entire production team - both in front of, and behind the camera - for uploading these excellent videos.

I will make the first attempt to try to pass this exam in the next 10 days and would like to assert that this website would be one of those whose contribution I would be grateful for.

I just had one suggestion. Many of the videos on examination do not have the discussion with the examiner and the final diagnosis. Do try and add those segments for ALL THE POSTED VIDEOS.

A few other things I noticed: hand-rubbing is not done by many of the candidates. This is vital in the MRCPCH exams. Other than these minor issues, the videos are top quality and a must for all those who wish to appear for MRCPCH Clinicals.

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